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Le sigh. So I've been looking for work since school ended sending out an average of 40 resumes a week and I've gotten some interviews out of it but none of them have panned out. I realize that the economy is sucktastic right now and such but damn. I might be taking this so badly because before this point I'd only ever been on one interview where I didn't get the job and my average has tanked because of all these interviews I've been on lately where I hear nothing.

At this rate if I don't get a job soon I think I'm gonna actually start substitute teaching when schools start back up. This actually isn't that bad of an idea simply because the schedule will be so flexible and easy to move around but I don't know I'm iffy on most kids, hell I was iffy on most kids when I was a kid.

Oh well, off to send out more resumes.
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So I now have my MFA and have for a couple of months and the job situation is tough all over. Though I have two interviews set up for this week, YAY! But as we get closer and closer to fall I'm having to decide whether I'm going to be applying to PhD programs. I applied last year to the two closest to me that I wanted to attend but no others, #1 because they're expensive (I spent $200 on 2 apps) and #2 I didn't have the time to research more institutions online. I'm also being told from fellow graduates that while my grad school doesn't have enormous success getting folks in PhD programs their first time out the rate improves pretty intensely for those applying one year out.

Do I really wanna be in academia for at least the next 5-7 years and perhaps the rest of my life?
I love learning things and writing aca papers for sure but I just don't know.

Anyway this is my attempt to get back into journaling. I finally used the invite to dreamwidth that ladyjax sent me months ago and am attempting to crosspost this sucker.


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